Thursday, September 2, 2010

Field of Screams.

It was a late night. A dark night. It started with an idea. The idea of a genius. IT CAME FROM MY BRAIN. We loaded up into about 15 cars. Drove till we found the perfect field. A field of screams, if you will. No lights, no signs of civilization for miles. Just us and the soft cries of the moonlight bleeding into the unforgiving endless darkness that was this field. We formed a giant circle with all the cars in the center of this field. All the headlights on bright facing the center of of our mechanical pit of dispair. One by one we crept out of our cars and walked towards the middle. Nearly blinded by all the headlights. Then it came. It was faint at first, then became louder and louder til the sound of breakbeats and electrosynths flooded our ears. Then it hit us. Only a few people at first. Then in what seemed like a blink of an eye. There we were, in the center of the circle. Dancing our hearts out. Then I came.


Anonymous said...

nice storry, got more? allso sounds somewhat like my stories check mine out if you wish

Gage Michael Bluth said...

This story just made my pee-pee hard!
Win!!! Now more!

Joel said...

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