Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scurvy :)

Scurvy bastards, father ditched
We'll steal your gold and do as we wish
Lower the mast and throw the anchor
We're going in for the kill, save the girls for later

We're pirates, it's what we do
We can't help that we're not like you
So shut up, suck up, or you'll walk the plank
The world is ours to take

We'll burn the bridge down to the ground
They'll have no chance to make a sound
They can run but they can't hide
On this island I'll reside



Biofetus said...

thats dark, i liked it a lot.

Wes said...

Nice blog. I CLICKED all your links!

johanathan biggles said...

Very imginative.

Steveblog said...

Cool stuff!

Viperman said...

Nice poem, I really like it since well..look at my avatar lol

0kY221 said...

Dark stuff, man. Check mine out, if you ever want something lighter.

Anonymous said...

do you happen to listen to Alestorm

leefamous said...

No, I don't. I'll check em out right now though.

Gage Michael Bluth said...

This sounds like an Alaskan Breakdown song. good for you man. WINNNNNNNN